In the United Kingdom, we are incredibly blessed to have thousands of camps, conferences and events on our doorstep. We have tried to gather a range of different opportunities below, and we’d love to hear from you if you’ve have another to recommend!

In general, summer camps are for 11-18 year olds. They are usually one week long and include a mixture of craft/sport activities, bible studies in groups, and short talks as a whole camp. Conferences can be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks (!) and are much more focused on teaching the bible and singing together. They take place at various times across the whole year and usually have a specific age range, such as 14-18 or students, or adults.

Your church leaders should be able to tell you about which are local and suited to you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected].

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Contagious Max is a youth camp for 14-19 year olds that runs over the summer in 4 different locations around the UK (East, Central, West and Scotland). This past Contagious was focused around being ‘hooked’ on different past times that keep our focus away from God, such as alcohol, social media and body image. Our evenings were spent looking at Song of Songs as a love story between us and Christ, which was such a joyful message to hear. As well as all of the excellent teaching, Contagious is packed full of activities from sports to crafts, and the best one being the ‘It’s a Knockout’ challenge (expect to get covered in foam). You meet so many amazing people and quickly develop real friendships with other campers and your leaders that you wouldn’t think would be possible in just a week. My faith grew so much during just one week at Contagious and even helped me find a church when I went to university, I would highly recommend it!

Ellie - Cornerstone Kingston, London



I went on my first Focus camp last summer as a volunteer to work on the Kids team and had the most wonderful time! Focus is a vibrant, exciting and encouraging place to be. It is a week packed full of inspiring teaching, in a truly beautiful location near Bournemouth. The absolute highlight for me was serving on the Kids team. I went with my church from uni but they were all serving on the youth team, so I began the week by not knowing anyone on the kids team. However, I came away from that week having met a bunch of fantastic new people who had, in no time, become great friends of mine. I also did not realise before Focus just how much you can learn from Kids, whether they had accepted Jesus into their lives or not yet, they had such child- like hearts (which Jesus teaches us to have) that I think we can all learn a lot from. I came out of that week with a full heart (and tummy - the food is amazing!) - I had been encouraged, challenged, inspired in my faith and love for Jesus. What’s great about focus is that you can make it whatever you want it to be- if you need a restful long weekend to refuel and to be encouraged by other Christians and great teaching then Focus is for you. Or if you’re in the middle of a long holiday and you’ve got lots of energy you want to use to serve, to hang out with friends, to dance all night at the silent disco, then Focus is for you.

Amy - Bethshan Church, Durham



I first heard about the event Sorted when I was on camp in summer, from one of my leaders who had gone in previous years. Then my Church youth leader suggested it to my youth group, and I knew it was something I didn’t want to miss out on because it isn’t often that you get to be surrounded by teenagers singing praises to God with excellent teachings (and a promise of Nandos afterwards!). The day was great as we played a few games and looked through 1 and 2 Kings with teachings from Andrew Sach where we discovered the character of God and his abounding love for his people. The experience has helped me grow as a Christian as I can now fully see that I’m not alone in my walk with Christ as there are hundreds of other Christians my age facing the same struggles and I also get the chance to catch up with friends from other churches around England. I very much look forward to going in 2019!

Grace - St Ebbe’s Headington, Oxford


dynamics of biblical change online course

Through this course, I realised that if I want God to use me to help others, then I first need to allow Him to work in my life.  Through case studies, class lectures, assigned readings, and Scripture, I learnt so much about how the Lord works in people’s lives, including my own.  Two self-counselling projects allowed me to see how the suffering and sin in my own life are areas that God can use to change my heart:  To make me more like Jesus. The process was life-changing: being immersed in teaching about how God works; taking the time to look closely at my own heart in difficult situations; reflecting on my thought patterns, attitudes and reactions. This course is extremely practical as it considers real life situations and difficulties, for example insomnia, gambling, schizophrenia, anxiety, road rage.  When God’s children are purposeful, God is in the difficulties and he is up to something good.  The time commitment and the financial cost of Dynamics of Biblical Change required a degree of sacrifice, but it was time and money well spent.  An investment that, I trust, will allow me to walk alongside those who have a difficult road ahead and will facilitate change in my own life.  I want to be like Jesus.  I want to be loving and gracious, wise and kind.  I want to live for the glory of God.  Dynamics of Biblical Change has helped me clearly see that I still have a long way to go, but it has also pointed me in the right direction.  I’m struggling to think of anything else that has challenged the way I think and live as much as this course has.  It has been one of the most wonderful things that I have ever done. 

Dawn - Christ Church Cambridge

PLEASE NOTE: This course is more suitable for those who have been following Christ for some time. Please speak to a church leader or women’s ministry leader if you are thinking about taking the course.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is more suitable for those who have been following Christ for some time. Please speak to a church leader or women’s ministry leader if you are thinking about taking the course.


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