Love Came Down: Learning to Pause

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:19)

I love this verse. Amidst the excitement and wonder of Jesus' birth, the arrival of the shepherds, and the news of the long-awaited saviour spreading far and wide, we're drawn to focus, for a moment, on the peaceful posture of Mary.

Attentive and amazed, courageous and calm - she displays profound peace, in the presence of the ultimate Prince of Peace. An unexpected pause in the exhilaration of the Christmas story.

I'm consistently aware of how easy it can be to get swept up in the rush of life, in both the chaos and the celebration that seems to characterise each season. As I reflect on this past year, It feels like one marked by profound dreams and promises, as the Father has stirred new passions and visions in my heart - for my life and the city in which I live, that has made me come alive in a way like never before.


But amidst it all - the highs and lows of life, my desire is that I would be like Mary... one who waits well, with a posture of peace, as I hold close the promises of the Father and the questions that accompany them.

I want to be one who treasures the awesome and the awkward as it manifests around me, and who ponders the works of the Lord in my heart, with faithful attentiveness. I want to actively choose to rejoice in the unfolding of God's favour and faithfulness, with patience and wisdom, no matter what trials & questions lie ahead.

I want to ponder on life with the Lord, before I ponder on life with others - letting him be the sole focus of my heart.

What is the Lord up to in your life, and in the lives around you? What dreams and promises is God unlocking in your heart, and over the place in which you're living? What does it look like for you to pause, to treasure the Lord's works around you, and ponder them in your heart with him?


A Southern lady at heart, Natalie is in her second year of studying Theology at Durham University. and worships at Bethshan Church. She is a keen athlete, and Vice-Captain of the University Water Polo team. Nat also has a love for well-brewed coffee, refining her barista skills during her exciting gap year in Ireland. 

Love Came Down: Everlasting Father

Love Came Down: Everlasting Father

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Love Came Down: Rejoicing Like The Shepherds