Love Came Down: Everlasting Father

Love Came Down: Everlasting Father

525600 minutes.

Essays submitted. Cities visited. Tears shed. New friends made. Cake eaten. Letters written.

A lot can happen in the 525600 minutes that make up a year. As I look back on the 525600 minutes of last year, it’s incredible to see God’s constancy. In the comings and goings of university life, in the lovely moments I have enjoyed and in the harder moments, God did not change; he remained faithful because He is our “Everlasting Father”.

In the book of Isaiah we read that Jesus is everlasting and that loves us with the love of a perfect Father:


At the beginning of the autumn term I was reminded of how quickly our situations change, I missed my friends who had graduated and struggled to get used to life at university without them. Now, as I start to make decisions for after I graduate this summer and adjust to the idea of being in a new city it is all the more wonderful to read that Jesus is our “Everlasting Father.”

Unlike our fleeting situations, Jesus is eternal, endless and what’s more He loves us with the love of a perfect Father. This really is good news of great joy!  

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Anna is from Cambridge and is in her final year at the University of York where she is studying English and History of Art. She loves being a part of two great church families – Christ Church Cambridge and Trinity Church York. Daffodils, catching up with friends and the long summer holidays are a few of her favourite things!

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