Love Came Down: When Jesus Shows Up

Love Came Down: When Jesus Shows Up

My year has been a rollercoaster:

A constant year of ups and downs, tears and laughter, the best days and the worst. December and January marked a bittersweet shift that has had a lasting impact. I look back at where I was at this time last year and am astounded by the way that God has changed, grown and used me. In the Christmas time that brought with it the flourishes of a new relationship, the significant loss of a family member, chaotic mental health issues and big decisions about the future, I was somewhat overwhelmed.

Throughout all of that, Jesus showed up.

What surprises me most is that on so many of those occasions, I didn’t expect that He would. And yet, there he was; with arms open wide, and love and grace in abundance, meeting me just where I was to restore and walk onwards with me.


Advent is a time of expectancy, counting down those advent calendar windows until the big day, buying presents and preparing to welcome families and friends. Even after Christmas we are expectant to what the New Year might bring for us and where we will be in 365 days time.

The Magi (also known as the Kings or Wise Men) are my example of expectancy:

‘Then the star appeared again, the same star they had seen in the eastern skies. It led them on until it hovered over the place of the child. They could hardly contain themselves: They were in the right place! They had arrived at the right time!’ (Matthew 2:9-10 MSG)
‘When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.’ (Matthew 2:10-11 NIV)

These men saw the star and followed it. Whilst they were still so far away and unsure of themselves they pursued Jesus and found him there in the manger. They were full of uncontrollable joy at meeting with Jesus, not just because they had fulfilled their expectation of finding Him there but with expectant excitement of what He was born to do in the future. Their response was bowing down, worship and presenting Jesus with their gifts.

May this be how we relate to Jesus this year. Not only being expectant to meet Him, but also expectant to the way He will walk with us, challenge us and change us.


Seek Jesus, be open to His arrival into your life and expect Him to move in incredible ways, not just now, but way into the future until He comes again in glory. 


Katrina is a Sports student studying at Durham University, and is involved with King's Church. She works on the More Precious Team coordinating Faith Played Out. Katrina is passionate about watching girls grow with the assurance that they are valuable and crazily loved daughters of God

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