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As we've established this week, mental health is a spectrum that we're all on, and move up and down throughout our lives. So we asked how you define 'good' mental health. How is it more than the absence of 'bad' mental health? We then asked how you maintain it! What little daily things, and big spiritual things, do you do to keep your head above water day to day? This is what you said...

Surviving or Thriving: Hopeless Comfort

Today's post is special. We always think mental health will never happen to us... that our world will never be shattered by the kind of problems 'other people' face. We certainly never expect it to happen to our mums. This testimony gives us a glimpse into the intimate and relentless invasion depression and anxiety can have right inside our own homes.

Beth: Counselling Without Control

Today we are gifted with some wisdom from someone who has lived, prayed, cried, and persevered with many who have faced difficulties all along the spectrum of mental health. Most importantly, Beth shows us in Scripture how we can stop ourselves from being overwhelmed by the pain in those we love.

This post is particularly special for me, because it's written by my very own Mum!

Surviving or Thriving: Sarah's Story

Sarah reflects on how God is in control of our lives and how secure we can be in this amazing truth. More importantly, she discusses how we should never compare ourselves to others or to the standards of society, because we are God’s children and we are loved for who we are, not who we think we should be. 

Surviving or Thriving: Fearful Strength

Today, Vicky lets us into her life and how she has learnt to find God in the times of paralysing anxiety and overwhelming fear. Take some time today to learn with Vicky how anxiety can be one our greatest struggles, but also a rich soil for growth in the gospel of grace - the kind of grace that turns weakness into glory. 

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

This series will focus on the different ways mental illness can play out in the lives of the individual, the friends or family, and most importantly, the faith of those affected. We're focusing on the spectrum of mental health. Each and every one of us is on this spectrum, and we will continue to move up and down it for our entire lives. The articles are designed to encourage you and embolden you in the strength of Christ to approach your friends with love and grace, knowing that the God of all comfort goes before you.