Truths We Love: Psalm 62

Welcome to Week 2 of Truths We Love! We're delighted to be hearing from Tabby for a second time on MP, and really love her inspiring reflections from the Psalms. What amazing truths lie in the passages below! Have a great Monday, resting in God! L x

"Truly my soul finds rest in God; My salvation comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I shall never be shaken".  (Psalm 60:1-2)

"Trust in him at all times you people; Pour out your hearts to him, For God is our refuge" (Psalm 62:8)

Right now, as I’m writing this in exam season, life is hectic. Everyone is strained, busy and anything but rested! But I love these verses, which remind us that we can find rest in God. We can trust on God as our fortress and "never be shaken".

While writing this psalm, David faced more suffering than you or I will hopefully ever have to face, but we can see that even in these difficult times, he was still completely dependent on God, who he describes as his “rock” and “salvation”.

I find this so encouraging, because it reminds me of how even when we are shaken, perhaps in our lives or our faith, we can still give it over to God, by prayer (“pour your hearts to him”).

God loves us individually as his children, and we can find rest in God through knowing that He cares for us so much that He has sent his son to die for us - our “salvation comes from Him”.

Therefore, we can depend fully on God, and find rest in the fact that he watches over us and loves us unconditionally. So, when we face trials or periods of weakness, we can remind ourselves of the amazing fact that God is our rock, salvation and fortress, and pray on these verses to feel at peace, and comforted knowing that God is with us all the time.

This passage encourages me to stop trying to only trust myself when dealing with stress, anxiety or doubt, but to cling to God instead. For example, it is way too easy for me to be really worried about something, but then forget to talk to God about it… but these verses challenge us to “trust in him at all times”, and pour out our hearts to Him.

This is an incredible privilege, not only to just talk to the Creator of the universe through prayer, but to have His Holy Spirit live inside us, guiding us, and helping us to walk by faith, too!

And so I would encourage you to rest your soul, by trusting in God at all times, as our refuge.



Hi! I’m Tabby. I’m in year 11 at a London school, and I am taking my GCSEs this year. My passions include being a member of an amazing church, eating pizza, and playing the flute. I love reading More Precious, and I find it a big encouragement in my faith.

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