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We create purpose-driven content for every area of your life. Our vision is to see a generation of courageous Christian women.


What does that look like? 

More Precious is all about creating creative, courageous, content that can be accessed 24/7 on your phone, laptop or via weekly emails. We're committed to talking about how we can live distinctively for Jesus, right in the middle of the real life things we all face: from exam stress to social media; money to mental health; relationships to internships; body image to engaging with our Bibles - and much more. Why not explore our previous series to find out more? 

Alongside all of our regular interviews, testimonies, devotionals and seasonal series, we run three streams for the following life stages: 

Rise: for girls at school or sixth-form
Abide: for girls at college or university
Establish: for young women starting out in the workplace

Is it for me? 

We target our content especially for teenage girls and young women either at school, university or in the world of work, so if you fall into one of these categories and are seeking to grow in your relationship with God, then yes! More Precious is for you. 

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More Precious, for me, has been a constant source of relevant, faithful, biblical teaching that I can access regularly. It's a joy to hear of God's amazing work from other girls all around the country and to be emboldened in my own pursuit to be more like Christ daily. - Alice, 19

The world around us isn’t big on godliness – repentance, humility and service aren’t exactly the heartbeat of our culture. Our churches, meanwhile, often aren’t big on honesty and openness – admitting struggle, failure and regret isn’t usually the heartbeat of church life. We put on our ‘Sunday best’ and pretend all is well. That’s why More Precious matters. It tackles real life issues in a format that girls find accessible and really encourages them to put Jesus at the centre of the way way they do life. - Steve Midgley, Christ Church Cambridge

More Precious has given me the ground to start up conversations with my friends off the back of a post and answer their questions with confidence and conviction because of the words of truth shared and highlighted on each topic.  - Florrie, 17

At last! In the morass of media crying out for our attention I am delighted to recommend More Precious, a website which provides food for the soul and for the spirit! Girls will find thoughtful contemporary content to challenge, encourage and inspire. - Bobbie Cheema

The More Precious articles deal with topical issues for Christian girls in way that is hard to find elsewhere. The writers have an obvious passion for God and openly share their own struggles, joys and beliefs making their writing easy to respond to and apply to our own lives. - Sophie, 16

More Precious has been so helpful to me. The fact that I can read posts written by girls I don't know from cities I haven't been to, all of whom know and love Jesus and are passionate to share Him, is such an encouragement. Thank you! - Lucy, 18

I love how More Precious gives you an insight into the struggles and encouragements of faith in real girls' and women's lives. The personal element always reminds me of how many other girls are out there going through the same things and how we are all part of God's perfect plan. - Rosie, 20